Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wish Upon a Brunch

Hello Lovelies,

How have you all been? I know you've missed me. I've been working on a little bit of everything but the biggest thing right now is Wish Upon a Brunch: A Brunch With a Purpose for Wish Upon a Wedding.

If you leave in the Houston area and you happen to be free Sunday, August 5th, I'd love to see you at this event. Here's the details:

As some of you may know I sit on the board of a nonprofit called Wish Upon a Wedding. Wish Upon a Wedding is the world's first nonprofit wish granting organization providing weddings and vow renewals for couples dealing with terminal illnesses and serious life altering circumstances, regardless of sexual orientation. 

On Sunday, August 5th, we will host our Wish Upon a Brunch at Hotel Derek in the Galleria Area. The brunch will begin at 11:00am and last until 2:00pm. Wish Upon a Brunch allows us to raise additional funds associated with granting these wedding wishes to deserving couples. 

The Houston Chapter of Wish Upon a Wedding Houston was established in April of 2010 and has made amazing strides to uphold the mission of this heartfelt nonprofit. The first 3 weddings have been granted to some truly deserving couples and the hope is that their stories will encourage and uplift couples dealing with similar situations. Although each wish is completely donated by the services and time of Wish Granters within the wedding industry, there are additional costs that cannot always be handled through donations and it is the responsibility of the nonprofit to make sure these wishes are taken care of to the best of their ability. Wish Upon a Brunch helps raise funds associated with granting wedding wishes to deserving couples dealing with terminal illness and serious life altering circumstances.

A ticket to the Brunch is $75 for adults and $35 for children or you may reserve a table for 10 guests with a donation of $700. Tickets may be purchased at http://wuwhoustonbrunch2012.eventbrite.com/ and you can learn more about this wonderful nonprofit at www.wishuponawedding.org

Learn more about our last two wishes here:

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