Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Neutral Love

Hello Lovlies,

I took these pictures last week but they never made it to the blog in the midst of the moving week with mom that just took place. I HATE PACKING. Anywho, I love neutrals and earth tones and there really is no reason why anyone can't rock them. Shades of browns and green....it has to match because that's exactly what Mother Earth looks like! She's not one shade, she's versatile! Lol.

Jacket: Anthropologie Dress: Forever 21
This jacket is made by a company called Cartonnier and is carried exclusively by Anthropologie. I swear I love everything this line has come out with! They no longer have this one but keep your eyes open next time you visit an Anthro. 

The dress I picked up on a rather unexciting trip to Vegas last year. My little ray of sunshine was finding a Forever 21 big enough to cause need for a camel pack, a compass, and a sack lunch.

Boots: $9.99 Shoe Store Necklace:  My Eyes Are Green from P.S. You're Lovely

Here's a close up of My Eyes Are Green.
Photo taken by the  AMAZING Obi Grant
Have a wonderful week and stay tune for adventures in decorating once I get into my new place.



Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's the Style, NOT the Brand

This is the motto that I live by! "It's the style, NOT the brand!" This weekend was my "Big Bro's" Birthday weekend and I promised to try my best and survive. 4 days of partying just is not in me anymore but I did manage to make 1 day for him and 1 day for another friend.

The first party was "Tux & Chucks" at the Archway Gallery. All the guys came in tux or suits with their fav pair of Chuck Taylors and the ladies were show stopping the best way we know how (see pic below lol). I think I did a pretty nice job and I had a blast!

Black Sweater I've had for YEARS, my FAV teal pencil skirt from JCPenny's I believe,  yellow scarf (I love scarfs), and last but not least my pearls: Mini Audrey + Jackie O
Because I had SUCH a blast at "Tux & Chucks" I was not feeling all that festive the next day when it was time for the DAYparty so I decided to pick the lessor of the two evils and attend a DAYparty at my fav spot, Fox Hollow. Good music and I could just chill with good friends.
DAYtime Party Swag. Earrings by Jewels by Anike, Green cardigan that over time has turned more into a top that a  way to stay warm, pearls and gold chain from Forever 21...

Black skinny jeans, and my RIDE OR DIE brown boots lol
Mix it up and have fun with it. Who said you HAVE to follow the rules? Own what you wear! It's about the style, NOT the brand.



Monday, March 12, 2012

Snapshot: Take a Break

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A Day with Two Stylish Kays

Hello Lovelies,

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend or have at least taken Sunday to recover from whatever damage you did over the weekend. Last week I had the pleasure of spending some more time from Keren from Two Stylish Kays on a little shopping spree. Come on, you didn't think two sorority sisters could stay out of trouble when fashion was on the line.

I have to take a minute to thank Keren for introducing me to Couture Blowout and my new addiction! Please don't ask me how the blogger visit from Atlanta found this gem but I humbly bow to my lovely Soror for such a wonderful experience.

Keren's Tracey Resse was under $90. My shirt dress was under $30!

Some of the other lovelies

Aww, Keren is a nice photographer!

$15 for the fly trouser pants!

I can't wait to wear this one! 

I left with two dresses and a pair of high waisted trouser pants. Keren left with a nice haul for her clients and herself.
Shepherd Location

If you get a chance please check out this hidden gem. The Westheimer location carries "Chanel, Gucci, Prada, Miu Miu,Valentino and the like" and the Shepherd location carries "contemporary designers such as Alice & Olivia, Elizabeth & James, DVF, Theory, Juicy Couture and great Jeans....."

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Hello My Lovlies,

Lol I couldn't help it

I know you are totally stumped by the title but I promise to explain. Last night I joined my fellow Houston Fashion & Beauty Bloggers to welcome Atlanta Blogger and Stylist, Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays, to our great city. Keren has something big up her sleeve and we can't wait for everything to play out. All I can say is please check out her blog because she's a total doll!
Ms. Keren Charles of Two Stylish Kays

We met at Hearsay which happens to be one of my fav Gastro Lounges in Houston. I was the second to arrive and Keren was already waiting.

We made out introductions and quickly found out that....SURPRISE! We're SORORS. I always love to run into my Sorors and find out what connections we have in the great world of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. Turns out her linesister from Dillard is in my grad chapter here in Houston. I love it!

Soror Keren and myself

 Anywho, dinner was great and so was the fashion.
Thanks to Shalanda of  Live Life In Style for taking pics for the night
Top Row: Nikiage, Julie, Shalanda. Middle Row: Lauren Bottom Row: LeRenda Main Pic: Keren
Click on these ladies' names to check out their blogs!

Yep, It's my new profile pic! lol
Thanks again Shalanda for the great pics! Thanks Julie, for introducing us all to Keren! Thanks Keren, for being such a wonderful guest of honor!

Own whatever you wear. It's about the style, not the brand.