Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's the Style, NOT the Brand

This is the motto that I live by! "It's the style, NOT the brand!" This weekend was my "Big Bro's" Birthday weekend and I promised to try my best and survive. 4 days of partying just is not in me anymore but I did manage to make 1 day for him and 1 day for another friend.

The first party was "Tux & Chucks" at the Archway Gallery. All the guys came in tux or suits with their fav pair of Chuck Taylors and the ladies were show stopping the best way we know how (see pic below lol). I think I did a pretty nice job and I had a blast!

Black Sweater I've had for YEARS, my FAV teal pencil skirt from JCPenny's I believe,  yellow scarf (I love scarfs), and last but not least my pearls: Mini Audrey + Jackie O
Because I had SUCH a blast at "Tux & Chucks" I was not feeling all that festive the next day when it was time for the DAYparty so I decided to pick the lessor of the two evils and attend a DAYparty at my fav spot, Fox Hollow. Good music and I could just chill with good friends.
DAYtime Party Swag. Earrings by Jewels by Anike, Green cardigan that over time has turned more into a top that a  way to stay warm, pearls and gold chain from Forever 21...

Black skinny jeans, and my RIDE OR DIE brown boots lol
Mix it up and have fun with it. Who said you HAVE to follow the rules? Own what you wear! It's about the style, NOT the brand.



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