Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's In a Look: OMG I Won A TV

Yep, you heard me right! I won a TV! I'll post a pic of me with my TV later but I just wanted to show off my outfit! I think the magic is in the outfit because I was feeling myself that night lol.

Navy Blue Boat Neck Sweater, Yellow Pencil Skirt, Dark Blue Vintage Belt, Beaded Rope Pearls, White and Blue Hair Scarf, Black scarf
002Media had their launch party at Hughes Hanger (if you've never been here you need to check it out) and it was a rocking event as always. Towards the end of the night they had a drawing, the 1st drawing was for a wine basket and a very handsome friend of mine won! Of course at that moment I knew we needed to move closer so we could hear the names although I NEVER win anything. The next drawing was for $250 worth of business cards and postcards for your business, the last drawing was for a 32in Vizio Flat Screen TV. The guy reaches into the fish bowl and I see something that looks like my card but I'm just sure he's gonna drop it. Next thing I know he calls out "Crystal Milton of P.S. You're Lovely!" You know I couldn't believe it and tried my best not to scream and run like it was Price is Right lol.

Like I said I promise to post a pic with my TV later but I didn't get one in that night. Celebration was in order after that lol.



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